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Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (BA)

The major in studio art requires 30 hours of studio art courses, including 12 hours of foundations courses (ART 110, ART 130, ART 131, ART 210), 12 hours in a single studio area, and 6 hours in any other studio area. At least 12 hours must be in advanced courses (those at the 300/400 level). A minimum of 12 hours at the 300/400 level must be earned on this campus. Also required are 12 hours of art history courses, including ARH 252, ARH 253, or ARH 254; ARH 381; and ARH 385.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The BFA degree is the professional degree for the artist; it is also the foundation for the master’s program in studio art. The BFA degree program permits a student to take a greater number of concentrations in studio art and art history. The program incorporates both a primary concentration and a secondary concentration in the field of art. Students who wish to fulfill the requirements for the BFA in eight semesters must enter the program at the beginning of the freshman year; full admission to the program is granted only upon successful completion of the BFA review.

BFA Concentrations

A lesson in lighting in Chris Jordan's photo class. Ceramics
Digital Media

BFA Coursework

The BFA degree requires 81 hours in the department of art and art history. The requirements of the foundations core make up 12 of those hours: ART Jeremy K. Davis, undergrad BFA major in art, sculpting the maquette used to cast Coach Saban's statue.110, ART 130, ART 131, and ART 210. Additional requirements are 12 hours of introductory courses (3 hours in each of 4 studio areas); 15 hours in a primary concentration and 12 hours in a secondary concentration, taken in sequence above the introductory level; 12 hours of studio art and/or art history electives; and 18 hours of art history, including 3 hours selected from ARH 252, ARH 253, or ARH 254; ARH 381; and ARH 385.¬†Students must take 3 hours of Art 498 ‘Studio Capstone’ two semesters before graduating.

BFA Review

Students applying for the BFA should do so after completing 18 hours of studio courses, preferably during the second term of the sophomore year. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the hours they have completed and to apply at the appropriate time. Application may be made following the procedures noted below. For more information about the BFA review, contact your advisor, call the department main office, (205) 348-5967, or come to 103 Garland Hall.

To apply for the BFA program, please complete the following form and email to Holly Brewer: BFA Application Form
Please ask your faculty reference to submit the following form on your behalf: BFA Review Faculty Reference Form.

More Information

Click here for a downloadable PDF of Frequently Asked Questions about the BFA.

UA CatalogAluminum pour in the foundry with Mike Eddins and Patrick O'Sullivan.

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