Aluminum pour in the foundry with Mike Eddins and Patrick O'Sull Patrick O'Sullivan and Mike Eddins built the giant plexiglas elephant "piggy bank" for Clark Hall. It will hold student donations for scholarships, one dollar at a time. Senior Arts Technician Patrick O'Sullivan using the bandsaw. This chunk of Sylacauga marble is waiting for Caleb O'Connor to carve it into a bust of Bryce Hospital founder, Dr. Peter Bryce.P1 Hinged wall in the drawing area.

Our metal fabrication shop, foundry and wood shop are staffed by highly qualified arts technicians Patrick O’Sullivan and Mike Eddins, both with studio degrees from UA and extensive experience in a variety of skills, including carpentry, home-building, design and remodeling; ornamental iron work design, fabrication and blacksmith work; production facility maintenance; as well as art history and art education training.

Our arts technicians

    • assist and support faculty and students every day with projects in sculpture and design
    • problem-solve and execute sculptural and design projects involving a wide variety of materials.
    • teach best practices to users of our facilities and equipment
    • build and repair support department facilities such as walls, and furniture
    • restore historic architectural features and sculptures
    • maintain the wood and metal shop and foundry facilities

A panoramic view of our metal shop | A panoramic view of our woodshop facilities | A panoramic view of our foundry
Panoramic photography thanks to Greg Randall.

Dr. Mellown discusses the renovation of a 19th century statue. Detail of Hebe, Goddess of Youth , with a new coat of primer. Bryce sculpture pieces repair and renovation: cast iron fountain Mike Eddins brazing a cast iron leaf finial from Clark Hall. Newly made molds for decorative fountain pieces drying.

Recent historic restoration projects
  • Renovating the 19th-century Bryce sculptures, including Hebe Goddess of Youth, aquarium/fountain, and others
  • Repair of cast iron leaf finials from Clark Hall
Sculpture installation photos

[Soft, Argyle, Goldie]