The Department of Art and Art History offers graduate programs leading to the master of arts (MA) degree in studio art and art history, and the master of fine arts (MFA) degree in studio art.

Admission RequirementsArt history grad student Mary Benefield presented "Gendered Spaces and Places"

Art History

The MA in art history is a joint degree program with The University of Alabama at Birmingham. You can enter the art history degree program through application to either university.

Applicants to the graduate MA program in art history must satisfy admission policies established by the Graduate School of The University of Alabama, including a minimum score of 300 on the revised GRE graduate record exam. Applicants should have completed 24 undergraduate hours in art history or related courses with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better and a grade point average of 3.5 in all art history coursework. A BA degree in art history is not a requirement for admission. Students with fewer than the minimum required number of hours in art history are eligible for admission on the condition that they make up any deficiency in the first semester of their graduate career. More information and link to application materials.Patrick Hoban, graduate teaching assistant, ceramics

Studio Art

Graduate work can be taken in ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

All new graduate studio art students enter the MA program. Applicants to the graduate MA program in studio art must satisfy admission policies established by the Graduate School of The University of Alabama. The Graduate School does not require the MAT or GRE for admission to the graduate program in studio art. Each studio applicant must submit a comprehensive portfolio of work directly to the Department of Art and Art History; this portfolio should include a minimum of 20 works of art in the proposed major. (Request graduate program application packet for detailed submission instructions). It is recommended that a prospective graduate student hold a degree in art, having maintained at least a “B” average in art. Additional courses may be required of the applicant, which would make acceptance into the program conditional. Residency is required of all studio art students.Celestia Morgan, graduate student, with her work

Admission to the MFA program is by recommendation of a faculty review committee, which meets at the time of the candidate’s MA thesis exhibition. Go here for more information and application materials.