The painting program at The University of Alabama promotes the idea that painting is an evolving and vital art form. Courses are designed for students of all levels, backgrounds, and interests and embrace both traditional and expanded methodologies. Assignments are designed to provide structure and challenge while encouraging critical thought and context for the students’ creative interest. Projects in painting, which are both foundational and conceptual, expose knowledge of the historical and current practices of painting.

Work by Meghan Johnson, Pop Up Show. Dhazi Dou, student in Aqueous Media Melodie Johnson, Pop Up Show Rachel Jones, BFA major talks to gallery visitors about her work.

Painting classrooms occupy the fourth floor of historic Woods Hall. Courses are taught in a large, well-lit studio containing easels, tabourets, wall spaces and flat working areas. The critique and workshop areas provide opportunities for group meetings and basic stretcher building. Graduate students are provided with individual studios.

Pop Up Show, Sella-Granata Art Gallery Pinkney Herbert critiques student paintings. Work by Angel Greene, Pop Up Show Work by Meghan Johnson, Pop Up Show

These classrooms are collaborative environments where beginning and upper-level students share technical skills, ideas and feedback with each other. All students enrolled in painting courses have 24/7 access to the painting area.

For information about applying, go here: or call us for more information: (205) 348-5967.

Painting FacultyPinkney Herbert critiques student paintings.

Jason Guynes, Professor
Sky Shineman, Associate Professor

Bryce Speed, Assistant Professor
Tom Wegrzynowski, Instructor
Daisie Hoitsma Young, Instructor

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Painting by Anna Katherine Phipps      Astri Snodgrass, "In and Under" Jenny Busam, In the humid wildflower garden, 2011, watercolor