The sculpture program is designed to provide for creative exploration into the aesthetics and philosophies of working and building in three dimensions. Sculpture is a vast and phenomenal field, which allows for inquires concerning all aspects of three-dimensional living, spanning from the nature of light, sound, and smell to the formal qualities of architecture, gravity, and rocks. Sculpture encompasses traditional media, methods, and processes as well as technologies, which can be adapted to sculptural activities, idioms, and forms.

As sculptors, we ask and offer answers to questions, which stem from our own personal aesthetic perspectives based on unique and individual approaches to three-dimensional problem solving. The strength of the sculpture program is based on a variety of criteria including performance-based scholarships, exhibition and academic records, participation/attendance at regional and national professional conferences, post-graduate job-placement, acceptance into nationally prominent graduate programs, recognition in the form of local, regional, and national journals and publications, and community involvement.

For information about applying, go here: or call us for more information: (205) 348-5967.

Jamey Grimes, Roil, Harrison Galleries installation  Video sculpture by Greg Randall installed on Woods Quad.  New work by graduate student Virginia Eckinger.  Fibonacci Spiral by Lindsay J. Lindsey  Jamey Grimes, Urchin, 3D print

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Public Sculpture projects with Tuscaloosa organizations:
Innovative Bike Rack Design Duo Strike Again
UA Sophomores Sculpt Steel Flowers for Shelby Park
UA Sculptures Break 3-Year Auction Record for Children’s of Alabama
UA Art and Art History Students Create City Bike Racks

Sculpture Faculty

Craig Wedderspoon, Professor
Jamey Grimes, Instructor

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