Digital Media is a studio concentration in the undergraduate program of the Department of Art and Art History that focuses on new media and digital art. Courses explore digital media as the primary tool, medium, and environment for art and design. Classes in Digital Media are taught in the department’s digital classroom in 211 Woods Hall, a fully functional space for the teaching and creating of computer-based fine art.

Jane Cassidy, "Purple Tinges Pearl Buttoned Bangled Billy," 2015 Jane Cassidy, "Purple Tinges Pearl Buttoned Bangled Billy 2," 2015 Jane Cassidy, "Out On A Limb," 2015 Jane Cassidy, "Long Since The Sun Has Set 2," 2015 Jane Cassidy, "Square Ball," 2015

Students in digital media develop the necessary conceptual framework and production skills in digital art and design, while also exploring contemporary, historic, and theoretical ideas that inform current practice. Particular topics covered in the curriculum include computer-based visual communication, digital imaging, time-design, digital audio and video, digital narrative, interactive and internet-based art, typography, digital document layout and production, digital fine art practice and digital media production, and portfolio development. For information about applying, go here: or call us for more information: (205) 348-5967.

A new montage from beginning level digital narrative and animation classes!

Animation and Stop Motion Reel 2016 from UA Digital Media on Vimeo.

Check out our “Rube Goldberg” Student Video Projects, Spring 2016!

All About A&S- Digital Media in the Department of Art and Art History from UA College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

Visiting Artists

Sophie Lvoff, November 2015
Michael Arcos, November 2015
Conor McBride, March 2016
Alexander Seiler, October 2016
Kevin Cahill, November 2016 

Digital Media Faculty

Jane Cassidy, Assistant Professor
Barbara Lee Black, Instructor
Laura Lineberry, Instructor

Christopher Jordan, Suburban Sublime Chris Jordan, Birth of a Nightmare, 2014 Faculty Biennial, in the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art. A lesson in lighting in Chris Jordan's photo class. Jordan_Personal_Work005 Chris Jordan, "Suburban Sublime #10"