From rigorous tradition to radical forms of experimentation, the act of drawing is the foundation for most major forms of art, as well as a vibrant means of expression in its own right. The drawing program at The University of Alabama is committed to providing students with a challenging learning experience that spans the spectrum of creative possibility.

The drawing program emphasizes the development of formal and perceptual drawing at the foundations level, followed by intermediate study wherein students begin to balance their formal and perceptual refinement with explorations of materials, processes, content, and theory.  Advanced students in the drawing program are encouraged to probe the parameters of the medium; to explore drawing in its traditional graphic forms of expression, as well as in its potential to exist across surface, space, and time.  At each level of study, historical precedent and contemporary developments in art and culture are explored to engage the perceptual, conceptual, and critical facilities of the student artist.

The drawing program is housed on the third floor of historic Woods Hall in the heart of the UA campus.  The classroom experience is an active learning environment where discussion, critique, and collaboration between students and faculty propel individual expression and mastery of the discipline of drawing.  Classrooms are available after hours and graduate students are provided with individual studios. For information about applying, go here:  or call us for more information: (205) 348-5967.

Drawing Faculty

Pete Schulte, Associate Professor
William Dooley, Associate Professor
Giang Pham, Assistant Professor/NTRC
Michael Merry, Instructor
Nic Tisdale, Instructor

Drawing professor Pete Schulte with students at Marr's Pond on UA campus Ali Hval, "Interior Me;" area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte Mitchell Griest, performance piece; area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte Student work; area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte

Ali Hval, "Genesis," 2015, textiles and mixed media; area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte Ausharea Adams, performance, area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte Student work, drawing Student work, drawing

Students with materials; area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte Student work, installation; area: drawing, faculty: Pete Schulte Student work, drawing Student work, drawing

Student work, drawing Student work, drawing Student installation; Faculty: Pete Schulte; area: drawing ART 110, Drawing I