Jenny Fine teaches at Ohio State University among other endeavors

Since earning an MFA at The Ohio State University in 2010, JENNY FINE, BFA 2006,Jenny Fine with "Flat Granny" at the Wiregrass Museum of Art, 2015 has been working as a studio assistant for artist Ann Hamilton. During 2009 and 2011 at OSU, Fine taught Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Darkroom Photography. In 2012, she was artist-in-residence at The Wellington School in Columbus, OH, where she worked collaboratively with pre-K through 12th grade students who contributed to the project through storytelling, designing costumes, constructing props and enacting their stories for the camera on a series of local fieldtrips. Fine’s work was exhibited in a group show at The Columbus Museum of Art and she spent three months in Dresden, Germany, on an artist residency, which culminated in a performative installation entitled The everyday things at Geh8, formerly an East German train station. In this installation, for the first time, Fine became a performer alongside “Flat Granny”, a life-sized photographic cut-out of her grandmother worn as a costume.[Sg13]