Caleb O’Connor to Sculpt On Campus

Wondering what that large chunk of rock is in front of the department’s foundry? This fall, artist Caleb O’Connor will be hacking away at that beautiful piece of Sylacauga marble.

UPDATE! The Sylacauga rock is taking shape and Mrs Karen Brooks was selected President Pro Tempore of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees, to succeed Paul Bryant Jr! Congratulations!

Alexandra and Caleb chipping away at stone IMG_9400w Alexandra and Caleb chipping away at stone IMG_9397w

O’Connor, who has made Tuscaloosa his home since coming to create the courthouse murals a few years ago, will be a visiting artist in the department. Known for his painting, O’Connor also studied marble carving and bronze casting techniques in Pietrasanta, Italy. He has been commissioned to create the official portrait of Dr. Peter Bryce, founder of Bryce Hospital.

Dr. Bryce’s great-great niece and UA Trustee Mrs. Karen Brooks recently visited the department’s foundry to check on the progress of Hebe and got a look at the great rock before O’Connor chips it into the image of her ancestor.[F14]

IMG_9195f Detail of Hebe, Goddess of Youth , with a new coat of primer. IMG_9181f Sylacauga marble  IMG_9193