Cloisters Curator Presents Career Workshop

Dr. Julia Perratore, assistant curator of medieval art at The Met Cloisters, presents a workshop for UA art history students.

In October, The Met Cloisters assistant curator Julia Perratore presented the 2021 International Center of Medieval Art Forsyth Lecture, “Representing Medieval Spain at The Met Cloisters,” virtually, from the UA department of art and art history. Perratore’s lecture was locally organized by Dr. Jennifer Feltman and hosted in her Garland Hall office. After her lecture, Dr. Perratore presented “Becoming a Curator – Workshop” for UA art history graduate students and senior and junior undergraduates in person, and virtually for art history students at Florida State University. Perratore discussed her own career path to museum curation and held an open Q&A with students on questions about how to become a curator. It was a lively and informative discussion geared to professional development for students.

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