Gay Burke’s former student Johnny Goodwin’s work is included in the exhibition Butterfly Effect: Honoring the Legacy of Gay Burke, at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in Tuscaloosa.

Johnny Goodwin (MA 1999 photography; BA 1997, history and studio art) earned his MFA and Ph.D. in 2005 in studio art and photography from the University of Memphis. Below is his artist statement:

Photography has been the means for me to create and give visual “proof” to an alternative reality. It has also been a way to preserve what becomes altered with time and memory. I feel my photographs are captured moments, giving emotion and life to subjects that are sometimes seen as abandoned places or inanimate objects. It is with the “magic” of photographic manipulation, both in the darkroom and with digital technology.

The exhibition will run in conjunction with Gay Burke: The Mother of Alabama Art Photography, an exhibition of 40 works by Gay Burke in The Arts Council Gallery, Oct. 5-26.

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