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Art Roundup from the UA Dept. of Art and Art History: today is Wednesday, September 9, 2015.
Welcome to our weekly list of visual arts events and exhibitions around West Alabama and stretching a bit beyond, especially if you are a UA art alumnus/a. Please send us your visual art event if you are in the West Alabama area – we want to know!

ONGOING AND UPCOMING (in order of ending date unless one day event)Tom Wegrzynowski, "The Scientist," 2014, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

NOW-SEP 18 & SEP 21-25 Artists in Residence at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center: Lorrie Lane and David Betak, 10 am-4 pm
SEP 11 Reception, Hither and Yon, The Fuel & Lumber Company, Birmingham (SEP 11- OCT 10), 6-9 pm
SEP 12 Artist Panel, Hither and Yon, The Fuel & Lumber Company, Birmingham, 4 pm
SEP 11-12 Art Walk 2015, downtown Birmingham
SEP 13 Astri Snodgrass, "sliver," 2015
SEP 15 Art Talk by Tom Wegrzynowski, at the Arts Council Gallery, DWCAC, 12:30-1:30 p.m. Bring lunch and a friend!
NOW-SEP 17 Instructors & 2-Year Grad Students Showcase, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA
SEP 23 Event, Rachel Cano and Ian Bittner, The Duente: A Treatise on Defecting, Canterbury Chapel Art Gallery, 6-8 pm
NOW-SEP 25 Tom Wegrzynowski: Apocrypha, Arts Council Gallery, DWCAC
NOW-SEP 25 Donna Meester’s The Life of a Costume: From Page to Stage, UA Gallery, DWCAC
NOW-SEP 25 Polk Photographs from The Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art, PRJ Gallery
NOW-SEP 27 Karen Graffeo, Joyce J. Scott, “Prayers,” 2012, SMGA.
NOW-SEP 30 Interchanges at the Edge of Chaos, PaperWorkers Local, Birmingham
NOW-SEP 30 Aquatic Gardens: Travels through the Imagination, Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum, Jack Warner Pkwy, Tuscaloosa
NOW-SEP 30 Rachel Cano and Ian Bittner present The Duente: A Treatise on Defecting, Canterbury Chapel Art Gallery (event: SEP 23 6-8 pm)
OCT 2 Reception, Marc Mitchell & Derek Larson, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA (SEP 23-OCT 23)
OCT 2 Reception, Every Night: An Exhibition of Paintings by Roger Jones, Arts Council Gallery, Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center, Tuscaloosa (OCT 1-30)
OCT 6 LECTURE with Patterson Sims, curator of Joyce J. Scott: Truths and Visions, 5:30 pm, Lloyd Hall 132
NOW-OCT 6 Natural Wonders, Wellness Walls for Art, University Medical Center, 850 5th Ave., East,  Tuscaloosa
SEP 11-OCT 10 Hither and Yon, The Fuel & Lumber Company, Birmingham (SEP 11, 12)
OCT 16 DEADLINE: 31st Annual West Alabama Juried Show, Arts Council of Tuscaloosa
NOW-OCT 16 Art by Linda Bell (UA ARH alumna) in "Aquatic Gardens" at the Warner Transportation Museum September, 2015
OCT 17-18 Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Kentuck Park, Northport
SEP 23-OCT 23 Marc Mitchell & Derek Larson, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA (reception OCT 2)
OCT 27 Reception and auction, Monster Makeover VI, Tuscaloosa Transportation Museum, 5-8 pm
OCT 1-30 Every Night: An Exhibition of Paintings by Roger Jones, Arts Council Gallery, Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center, Tuscaloosa
NOW-OCT 31 Wish You Were Here community postcard art exhibition, T.E.M.P. Gallery, Kentuck Art Center, Northport
NOV 5 Reception, Entrelazado: An Exhibition of Cuban Printmaking, Sella-Granata Art Gallery (NOV 2-20)
SEP 24-NOV 8 Mosaiques sur Toile – Mosaics on Canvas: A Retrospective of Works from the Life of Ernest Vial, 1937-1999, Tuscaloosa Museum of Art
NOW-NOV 13 Aquatic Dreams, Daniel Day Gallery, 3025 6th Ave., S., B’ham
NOV 2-20 Entrelazado: An Exhibition of Cuban Printmaking, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA (reception NOV 5)
NOV 20 DEADLINEDouble Exposure Photography Exhibition, Arts Council of Tuscaloosa
NOV 5-30 Miz Thang, T.E.M.P. Gallery, Kentuck Art Center

ANYTIME: Stroll between galleries through our Woods Quad Sculpture Garden with five outdoor sculptures, plus other sculptures in adjoining campus lawns.

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Thank you for supporting ALL of the arts all over west Alabama!