Hand Papermakers Virtual Conference Registration Opens

Registration is now open for the North American Hand Papermakers (NAHP) Virtual Conference, October 8-9, 2022.

Dario Robleto, keynote speaker

North American Hand Papermakers is an organization that encourages sharing historical knowledge, research findings and artistic innovations in the field of hand papermaking through its programming, which includes annual conferences, exhibitions, and publications. The conference has been organized by Beth Sheehan, the department of art and art history’s office assistant and a skilled papermaker, and Book Arts instructor Kyle Holland. Holland and Sheehan said that there will be a robust schedule of keynote addresses, presentations, a demo, and a tour for this year’s virtual conference, covering a wide range of topics including conservation, creative research, collaboration, papermaking traditions, recent developments in 3D printing chiaroscuro watermarking, exhibitions, lasting legacies of important figures in the field, and community engagement.

“Through the theme for this year’s conference, Activating Materials,” Sheehan said, “we set out to invite and encourage conference programming that emphasizes artistic approaches to hand papermaking in which a critical consideration for materials and their transmutation are integral to the resulting object. Kyle and I believe that it is particularly important for hand papermaking to be contextualized by maintaining an open dialog within the larger art world. By doing so, papermaking can sustain its craft traditions and validate its use and relevance as a fine art medium.”

The keynote speaker is a special feature of the conference. Sheehan said, “Kyle and I are particularly thrilled to announce that Dario Robleto, an artist, writer, and filmmaker based in Houston, Texas, will be delivering the Anita Lynn Forgach Memorial Keynote Address during the conference. In his War Series, Dario created over 40 topical, poignant works incorporating handmade paper that evoke the pervasive loss that we are currently experiencing on a global level while maintaining an unusual, yet critical, consideration of the materials used to create these works.”

The conference registration fee is based on a sliding scale to make the field of hand papermaking more accessible. All registrants must be current members. Students may become a member of NAHP for $25 and register for the conference for $35. Other professionals, educators, and artists may become a member for $55 and register for the conference for $50-$70. All those who register for the conference will also automatically receive the video recordings via email after the conference has concluded, so all persons interested in the conference are encouraged to register even if they are unable to attend live. Go here for more information about membership, fees, or to register.

Sheehan said, “With our focus on contextualizing hand papermaking within the larger artistic community, we feel the conference would be relevant to all artists and would like to encourage all those interested to register!”

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