West Alabama Exhibitions Now Through the New Year

Art Roundup from the UA Dept. of Art and Art History: today is Wednesday, December 17, 2014Erin Colleen Johnson
A short list but many of these exhibitions extend into 2015. Happy Holidays to everyone!

ONGOING & UPCOMING (in order of ending date) 2014 into 2015

NOW-DEC 31 The Three, paintings, drawings and silk textiles by Henry, Ann and David Betak, Canterbury Chapel Student Center
NOW-JAN 2 Festival of Trees, Fayette Art Museum, Fayette 
NOW-JAN 7 Quilting and Carving, Wellness Walls for Art, University Medical Center (UA)
NOW-JAN 9 The Things We Shared, Book Arts and Prints by Amy Pirkle, DWCAC Arts Council Gallery, Tuscaloosa
NOW-JAN 9 Wellness QuiltingCarving
JAN 15 5:00 pm Gallery Talk, Erin Colleen Johnson at the SGG (Jan 7-27)
JAN 15 6:00 pm Reception, Erin Colleen Johnson, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA
JAN 15 6:00 pm Reception, Juvenile-in-Justice: Photographs by Richard Ross, SMGA
NOW-JAN 18 Quilted Vessel, Craig Wedderspoon sculpture at the Birmingham Museum of Art
JAN 7-27 Erin Colleen Johnson, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA
JAN 8-FEB 8 Juvenile-in-Justice: Photographs by Richard Ross, SMGA
JAN 8-APR 7 A Sense of Place, Wellness Walls for Art at the UA Medical Center
JAN 16 5:30-7 pm, Reception, A Sense of Place, Wellness Walls for Art at the UA Medical Center

CALENDARS, EVENT LISTS & VISUAL ARTS SITESErin Colleen Johnson, Still from "To Sea"
SensePlaceWWA (Gazette Gallery, Northport) (DWCAC) (Arts events at UA) (Wilcox County Arts Council) (Sumter County Fine Arts Council) (West Alabama Quilters Guild meets 2nd Saturdays) (West Alabama Woodworking Assn.) (Alabama Art Post)


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Thank you for supporting ALL of the arts all over west Alabama!