What We Did on Our Summer Study Abroad: Italy

UA art and art history students and professors pose for a photo in front of a fresco from the ancient Roman Villa of Livia, now preserved in the Palazzo Massimo.

After a two-year wait, it was finally safe to travel to Europe again and in May, UA art and art history students and professors took a two-week study tour of Italy. They took courses taught by Associate Professor Dr. Tanja Jones in Italian art history and Professor Jason Guynes in painting and drawing. The group was based in Rome and took day trips to historic sites in Florence, Tivoli and Pompeii. Students explored and studied highlights such as the Roman Catacombs, the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. They traveled to the ruins of Pompeii and the Naples Archaeological Museum, and took a high-speed train to tour Florence’s major museums.

Students who traveled were David Artushin, Helen Babb, Alexandrea Bozeman, Alex Briggs, Nathan Childers, Hannah Duffy, Morgan Duggan, Luke Grissom, Bella Guynes, Abigail Hinkley, Hellen Hodgetts, Kathleen Kelley, Hallie Knight, Eva Marie LaMonica, Juliana LaPorta, Espen Oh, Cole Robbins, Alyssa Serena, Molly Siciliano, and Tonya Williams.

Check out the group’s full itinerary.