Joel Fuller

Joel Fuller

Instructor (Full-time)


  • MFA, Digital Art, Indiana University Bloomington, 2020


Joel Fuller teaches Introduction to Digital Art and Intermediate Digital Art. Fuller also teaches at Indiana University Bloomington and has taught in the Birmingham (Ala.) City Schools. He received the MFA in digital art from Indiana University Bloomington in 2020.

Artist statement

In America, there is “White Innocence ” — an innocence that serves as a quiet affirmation of the continuing racial paradigm against black Americans. First used by Gloria Wekker from her book White Innocence: Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race, the term was used in reference to her Dutch ancestry, where the same issues of racial denial were and still remain present. We look to use this term when connecting the systematic rejection of white Americans toward racial discrimination and the adverse effects of silence. In this series, we take inspiration from William Pope L. by using satire not simply to examine the stereotypes surrounding race but to dissect the damage these preconceptions do to both black and white individuals and, more broadly, to society. This includes but is not limited to the continued use of blackface, black cultural appropriation, and black people being seen as commodities of entertainment, objects of obsession, and subjects of fear. It is in this recognition that we understand the racial divide still taking place in what we were raised to believe was a “post-racial” America.

Forthcoming and Recent Exhibitions

2020 Tube Factory Artspace, Indianapolis, Ind.
2020 Grunwald Gallery Online Group Exhibition, Grunwald Gallery, Bloomington, Ind.
2020 Wylie House Museum, Bloomington, Ind.
2020 Empathy: Exhibition of Collaborative Artwork, Bloomington, Ind.
2019 Black Artist Showcase, Bloomington, Ind.
2019 Grunwald Gallery Group Exhibition: Remembering and Forgetting, Bloomington, Ind.
2018 Grunwald Gallery Exhibition: MFA / BFA Group Exhibition, Bloomington, Ind.
2016 Comic Art: Fantasy and Imagination, Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales, Fables, and Myth, Indianapolis, Ind.
2016 4th Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Exhibition, Indianapolis, Ind.
2016 22nd African American Art Exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky