Got Shoes, Street Clothes, Mask? You’re Ready for Art in West Alabama!

Art Roundup from the UA Dept. of Art and Art History: today is Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Exhibits at the Kentuck Center, the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center and the Paul R. Jones Museum continue through at least the end of this month. Thanks to the DWCAC for our featured image. Visitors with masks, practicing safe distancing, are welcome in all galleries. Or, check out all the online exhibitions (listed below) from the comfort of home! The Art Roundup is up every other week for the summer but we’re always online. Thank you for continuing to support your local artists wherever you can. Stay home, or wear your mask out and stay safe!


Kathy Fetters, Speak Truth to Power, Crossroads Arts Alliance

NOW through December, 2020

2020 into 2021

ART ANYTIME – Online Exhibitions Around West Alabama


Steve Davis, cut and fabricated metal leaves. steel, metallic paints. variable dimens. at

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