Ceramics Grad Student to Attend Oxbow Summer Workshop

Ceramics graduate student Sydney Ewerth was accepted to a summer workshop at Oxbow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan, to be held in July. Ewerth, who Sydney Ewerth and Jason Stein at Big Al's Carnival, hosted by UA Gymnastics

The two-week ceramics workshop Ewerth will attend is titled, “Breaking Bad Habits,” led by Ben DeMott and Chris Miller, July 31-August 13, 2016, in Michigan. DeMott is an assistant professor in ceramics at SAIC and Chris Miller currently teaches foundation and ceramics courses at California State University Long Beach. Ewerth said she will get hands-on experience in alternative processes for her ceramics and sculptural work. She anticipates that she will “get out of my comfort zone” in learning these new skills. She has been awarded travel grants through the UA Graduate School and the Department of Art and Art History to attend the workshop.

Sydney Ewerth is a graduate assistant, teaching and assisting in classes on various topics in ceramics and drawing. She received her BFA with a concentration in sculpture and ceramics from Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. In 2015, Ewerth was juried into five ceramics exhibitions from New York state to Louisiana. She won an honorable mention in the Lux Center for the Arts’ Mug Shots Juried Exhibition in Lincoln, Nebraska. This summer Ewerth is apprenticing under artist Amy Pleasant. Her website is here:

A ceramic piece that will make up part of a sculptural installation by artist Amy Pleasant.  Ceramic pieces make up part of a sculptural installation by artist Amy Pleasant.  Grad student Sydney Ewerth paints a ceramic piece that will be part of a sculptural installation by artist Amy Pleasant. Clay test "tabs" allow artists to see how different glazes will appear after firing.