Visiting Artists and Lecturers

Tony Bingham at the Paul R. Jones Museum

Visiting artists and scholars are an integral part of the undergraduate and graduate experience at The University of Alabama. Artists, critics, curators and scholars present public lectures, gallery talks and offer individual critiques to students in our graduate program are intrinsic to our mission of outreach to the university community and beyond.

Along with our Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series, we work in conjunction with the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art, the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art, the Sella-Granata Art Gallery and other UA departments, organizations and individuals to bring vanguard artists and scholars who represent the entire spectrum of art to campus in order to supplement the strength and expertise of the faculty. 

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Recent Visiting Artist/Scholar Events






head and shoulders black and white portrait of a man
Michael Janda, graphic designer



  • Cynthia Hahn
  • Andrew Hottle (Annual MA in Art History Graduate Student Symposium)
  • William Willis (Sarah Moody Gallery artist lecture)

    students gathered around a seminar table
    Medievalist Cynthia Hahn speaks to UA graduate students at a roundtable session.


  • Yvonne Petkus
  • Caroline Seebohm (Sarah Moody Gallery exhibition lecture)
  • Justin Cooper
  • Brian Novatney (Sarah Moody Gallery artist lecture)
  • Ellen Siebers
  • James Sherman Brantley (Paul R. Jones Lecture Series)
  • Thornton Willis (Sarah Moody Gallery artist lecture)


  • Tim Barringer (Annual MA in Art History Graduate Student Symposium)
  • Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman
  • Howardena Pindell (Paul R. Jones Lecture Series)
  • Anthony Castronovo
  • Willie Cole (Sarah Moody Gallery artist lecture)
  • Sheila Pree Bright (Paul R. Jones Lecture Series)
  • Fred Stonehouse (Sarah Moody Gallery artist lecture)

    Willie Cole


  • Drive-By Press
  • Amy Pleasant
  • Clive King
  • Lester Van Winkle (Sarah Moody Gallery artist lecture)
  • Wadsworth Jarrell (Paul R. Jones Lecture Series)

Past Visiting Artists and Lecturers

  • Tom Armstrong, Dir. Emeritus, Whitney Museum
  • Carrie Barratt, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Graham Boettcher, Curator, Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Yve-Alain Bois, art historian/educator
  • Chakaia Booker, artist
  • Santiago Cal, artist/educator
  • Mel Chin, artist
  • William Christenberry, artist, alumnus
  • Les Christensen, artist/curator
  • Jerry Cullum, Sr. Editor, Art Papers
  • Hamlett Dobbins, artist/educator
  • Jack Earl, artist
  • Vernon Fisher, artist/educator
  • Beverly Fishman, artist/educator
  • Peter Flannary, artist/educator
  • Sylvie Fortin, Editor, Art Papers
  • Linda Francis, artist/educator

    William Christenberry in his DC studio. Photo by William T. Dooley.
    William Christenberry in his DC studio. Photo by William T. Dooley.
  • Cheryl Goldsleger, artist/educator
  • Edwin Jager, artist/educator
  • Paul R. Jones, collector
  • Terri Jones, artist
  • John Hitchcock, artist/educator
  • Il Young Kim, artist
  • Clive King, artist
  • Tony Matelli, artist
  • Christopher McNulty, artist/educator
  • Aimee Miller, artist (Paul R. Jones Lecturer)
  • Samuel Mockbee, artist/architect/educator
  • David Moos, curator
  • Clarence Morgan, artist/educator
  • Cornelia Parker, artist
  • Fahamu Pecou, artist (Paul R. Jones Artist Lecturer)
  • Mario Petrirena, artist (Paul R. Jones Lecturer)
  • Judy Pfaff, artist/educator
  • Pete Pinnell, artist/educator
  • James Ramer, artist/educator
  • Helena Reckitt, curator
  • Stephen Rosenberg, art dealer
  • John Salvest, artist/educator
  • Cort Savage, artist/educator
  • Tony Scherman, artist
  • Barry Schwabsky, art critic/poet
  • Patterson Sims, curator/museum director
  • elin O’Hara slavick, artist/educator
  • Buzz Spector, artist/educator
  • Freddie Styles, artist (Paul R. Jones Lecturer)
  • Krista Thompson, art historian
  • Ursula Von Rydingsvard, artist
  • Deborah Willis, artist/educator
  • Lance Winn, artist/educator