UA Art Camp

The University of Alabama Art Camp

UA printmaking student carves a design in a linoleum block in preparation to print.

High school students! UA Art Camp offers you the chance to unlock your creative side under the guidance of experienced artists. Spend five days – July 18-22 –  immersing yourself in one of four disciplines – Ceramics, Printmaking or Sculpture – and get a taste of UA’s undergraduate-level studio art classes.

Registration is open through June 30, 2022, for the 2022 camp session, July 18-22, 2022. Class size is limited to ten students, so early registration is encouraged.

Rising high school freshmen to rising seniors will spend a week focusing on one of four art media areas of their choice, learning under the expertise of a University of Alabama art faculty member. They will spend five days, July 18 through July 22, from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon, in a studio environment immersed in the discipline of their choice. A snack will be provided. Parent Handbook available here (PDF).

Ceramics | Graphic Design | Printmaking | Sculpture

Ceramics: Students will learn two essential clay forming techniques associated with producing pottery and sculpture. In the first project. students will learn coil building and glazing. In the second, students will learn clay slab construction and slip decorating.

Printmaking: Students will make a relief print based on a drawing or photograph. They will learn how to carve a linoleum block and make a series of prints from this block. They will use the monotype process to add color, texture, and other variations to the original image. Students will also learn about the history of printmaking as a medium for creating fine art and popular culture.

Sculpture: In three separate projects, students will learn the fundamentals of casting bronze and aluminum and welding steel. Project 1: cast aluminum relief panel; Project 2: cast bronze bowl vessel; Project 3: welded steel sculpture.

Graphic Design: Students will learn to think graphically by exploring the design process of page layout and typography. The week will start by using traditional drawing skills to sketch out ideas, then on to translate their ideas to the computer using the Adobe Creative Suite. Students will learn how to create a personal logo, an icon, and poster.