UA Graphic Design Prof Illustrates Cover of UA Philosophy Prof’s Book

Jonathan Cumberland created the cover illustration and design for “Police Deception and Dishonesty: The Logic of Lying,” by Luke William Hunt, published by Oxford University Press, 2023.

An illustration by Assistant Professor Jonathan Cumberland is on the cover of a new book, Police Deception and Dishonesty: The Logic of Lying, by Luke William Hunt, published by Oxford University Press. Hunt, the author, is also a member of UA faculty, an associate professor in the philosophy department.

UA faculty often work collaboratively, but Hunt did not specifically think of using artwork by a UA professor until he found what he was looking for. “It was important to me to find a unique, evocative image for my book’s cover,” Hunt said. “When I began thinking in early 2023 about the cover for my new book, I wanted something original and it occurred to me that I should check out UA’s art department.” Hunt said that he was immediately drawn to Cumberland’s work. They met and discussed Hunt’s book and his vision for the cover. Later in the spring, Cumberland sent Hunt several draft ideas, and after some tweaking back and forth, Cumberland came up with the current cover illustration. “Collaborating with Luke was a rewarding experience,” Cumberland said. “This was a complex topic to visualize, but I feel we provided a visually direct solution for the cover.”

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