Let Your Holidays Ring with Art and Inspiration!

Jane Cassidy, "Purple Tinges Pearl Buttoned Bangled Billy 2," 2015
Jane Cassidy, “Purple Tinges Pearl Buttoned Bangled Billy 2,” 2015

Art Roundup from the UA Dept. of Art and Art History: today is Wednesday, December 16, 2015. We’ll take a break and be back January 6, 2016. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

During the holidays, there are STILL lots of visual arts events and exhibitions going on around West Alabama, so enjoy the great weather. Then mark your calendar for all the upcoming events in our area and stretching a bit beyond. Everybody, please send us your visual art events if you are in the West Alabama area – we want to know what you are up to!Desktop News photo: aerial view of Woods Quad



NOW-DEC 18 9Seventeen – Creative Co-op’s 2nd Annual Exhibition, UA Gallery, DWCAC, Tuscaloosa

ONGOING & UPCOMING (in order of ending date)

DEC 19 Opening: Haitian Flags from the Cargo Collection, Birmingham Museum of Art (DEC 19-MAY 15, 2016)
NOW-DEC 31 Dreamscapes by Brandon Baggett, Gallery at Canterbury, 812 5th Ave, Tuscaloosa
NOW-DEC 31 Black Belt Treasures, Camden, Alabama
NOW-JAN 3, 2016 By Hand and Eye, works by self-taught American artists including Alabamians, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
NOW-JAN 8, 2016 People, Places and Things: Paintings by Paul Looney, Arts Council Gallery, DWCAC, Tuscaloosa
JAN 14 Reception, Kelsey Windham MA Exhibition, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, 5-7 pm
NOW-JAN 14 More Quilting, Carving, and Printing Too! University Medical Center, 850 Fifth Avenue East, Tuscaloosa
JAN 11-26 Kelsey Windham MA Exhibition, Sella-Granata Art Gallery
FEB 11 Artist Lecture: Lisa Iglesias, 203 Garland Hall, UA, 6 pm
FEB 1-12 Sydney Ewerth MA Exhibition | Jiaqi Pan Postbaccalaureate Exhibition, Kentuck Courtyard in downtown Northport - one of the fun places to hang out during Art Night.
JAN 14-FEB 26 Laurie Simmons: Two Boys and the Love Doll, Sarah Moody Gallery of Art
JAN 25-FEB 26, 2016 Double Exposure Adult Division Exhibit, Arts Council Gallery, DWCAC, Tuscaloosa
MAR 4-5 West Alabama Quilters Guild Biennial Quilt Show, Taylorville UMC, 640 Bear Creek Road, Tuscaloosa
FEB 24-MAR 9 Anna Katherine Phipps MFA Exhibition | Aushrea Adams, Tanika Powers and Haylee Walker BFA Exhibition, Sella-Granata Art Gallery
MAR 21-APR 8 BA Group Exhibition, Sella-Granata Art Gallery, UA
MAR 10-APR 10 Selections from the Permanent Collection, Quilt by West Alabama Quilters Guild for More Quilting, Carving, and Printing Too! exhibition for Wellness Walls For Art
APR 18-30 2016 Annual BFA Juried Exhibition, Harrison Galleries, Tuscaloosa (Reception APR 22)
APR 18-MAY 3 Turner Williams MFA Exhibition | Celestia Morgan MA Exhibition, Sella-Granata Art Gallery
DEC 19-MAY 15 Haitian Flags from the Cargo Collection, Birmingham Museum of Art
APR 19-MAY 27 Faculty Biennial Exhibition, Sarah Moody Gallery of Art

ANYTIME: Stroll between galleries through our Woods Quad Sculpture Garden with five outdoor sculptures, plus other sculptures in adjoining campus lawns.

Brandon Baggett, painting detail  (Alabama Art Post)  (Arts Council Gallery, DWCAC) (Bama Theatre galleries) (University of Alabama Gallery, DWCAC)  (Arts events at UA)  (Wilcox County Arts Council) (Sumter County Fine Arts Council)  (West Alabama Woodworking Assn.)  (West Alabama Quilters Guild meets 2nd Saturdays)


Look for this e-list each week from the UA Department of Art and Art History. We hope to provide a more or less comprehensive list of exhibits and visual arts events in west Alabama (and sometimes a wider net, esp. if our students/alumni are showing), with hyperlinks. Follow the links to get more information. To send your exhibition info, unsubscribe to this email, or to change or add an email address, please email: Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for supporting ALL of the arts all over west Alabama!