‘Nervous Energy’ Selected for Online Juried Exhibition

Ashlee René Thompson, “Nervous Energy,” 2021, 87 x 72 inches, acrylic and ink on canvas. 

A painting by UA graduate student Ashlee René Thompson, Nervous Energy, was accepted into the open-themed juried exhibition of the In Art Gallery in June.

Thompson‘s work in acrylic painting and mixed media addresses the social stigma of mental illness. Through her representation of “personal neuro-imagery, neuropsychology, psychopathology, and the relationship between personal memory, experience, and abstract images,” she aims “to advocate broader knowledge of mental illnesses.” In Thompson’s studio practice, she writes, “I lose track of time and allow myself to stand in the presence of the work; I become entranced in the movement and energy of the line, shape, and color flowing from my own hand. My methods become a record of stream of consciousness, impromptu mark-making, and genuine artistic energy.” Thompson holds an MLA in general studies and a BA in fine arts with a minor in art history from Auburn University at Montgomery, where she also serves as an adjunct instructor.

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