New Book Combining Photography and Meditation Lauded

UA associate professor Chris Jordan‘s new book, Nowhere in Place (GFT Publishing, 2021), explores the meeting place between meditation and photography with pictures Jordan has taken in his travels to Alabama, Colorado and India. Jordan’s practice is to meditate before going out to take pictures, which allows him to “see the world in fresh ways, appreciating overlooked details that might escape a mind preoccupied with business-as-usual.” The book is introduced by Zen Buddhist teacher and poet Hank Lazer, who has published more than thirty books of poetry and received the Harper Lee Award in 2015, for lifetime achievement in literature.

Jordan’s work in this book has been praised by leaders in the photography field such as Aline Smithson, founder and editor-in-chief of Lenscratch, who writes, “For this collection, [Jordan] slows down and really sees—details, nature, marks of humanity in places around the globe…Jordan’s engagement goes beyond place to a state of perception, and it inspires us to slow down and appreciate all that the world has to offer.”

A common denominator in all of Jordan’s work is a sense of place and how photography can be used for reflection, memory and contemplation. Jordan, who is an associate professor of photography at UA, says that he also maintains an intensive “householder” spiritual practice, integrating yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into his life and work. His photographs have appeared in Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Lenscratch, the national traveling photography exhibition, “Spinning Yarns” and numerous exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Mexico. To find out more about the book, go to this page.

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