UA Art & Art Newsletter Announces New Masthead Design

AAH newsletter masthead designed by Britt Guynes.

The UA Department of Art and Art History is excited to announce a new masthead design for our monthly newsletter. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator by Britt Guynes, a senior BFA major in digital media and sculpture. Guynes explained that he took photos in the center of Woods Quad: sky, flowers and Craig Wedderspoon’s sculpture, The Bascom. “The photos I used were cut up, abstracted, and twisted until they formed the end result. I also layered line art designs with the photo collage to create more texture and variation within the piece.”

Guynes also produced a “holiday gif” for our Instagram page.

Besides working in graphic design, Guynes plays and composes electronic music. This spring, he and another musician collaborated and co-released a 34-track album of vaporwave tunes titled Devil Cartridge OST, available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

We are grateful to Anna Sella (BFA 2020) for creating the newsletter’s first masthead. Since she graduated, she’s working as a junior art director at GRO Marketing.

For more information about The University of Alabama’s programs in studio art and art history, visit our Degree Programs page.