UA Art Historian Advises Polygon Game Reviewer

Are you thinking that studying medieval architecture might put too many limits on your career choices? Check out the unique way that Dr. Jennifer Feltman is using her scholarly expertise! This video (embedded below) is an unusually exciting analysis of the accuracy of the video game Assassin’s Creed Unity by Simone de Rochefort, Senior Video Producer at Polygon, a subsidiary of Vox Media dedicated to online gaming. The game is set in and around a very realistic virtual Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris (the one that burned in 2019), and Simone goes into lots of detail about why it is — and isn’t — true to the original. UA‘s Dr. Feltman, who is involved in the restoration of the cathedral itself, was Simone’s chief consultant for the piece and Simone gives Dr. Feltman a nice shout-out at the end. There will be a full-length article coming soon.

Read more about Dr. Feltman’s adventures at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

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