UA Ceramics Professor to Exhibit at Auburn

Wade MacDonald, Fracture Vases, 2021, porcelain, underglazes, 7.5 x. 5 x 5.5 inches each

Assistant Professor Wade MacDonald has a solo exhibition opening at the Biggin Gallery at Auburn University on April 26, 2021. The exhibition features a new series of six mixed-media wall pieces and a series of six mixed-media sculptures; a wall mural with integrated sculptural ceramic components; additional works from 2017-present; and a wall work comprised of more than 40 individual photo collages. The show will culminate on August 26 with a closing reception for the artist. MacDonald’s work is also included in the invitational exhibition, Vase, at Alma’s RVA in Richmond, Virginia, opening April 16 and featuring prominent potters from across the country.

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