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The painting program at The University of Alabama promotes the idea that painting is an evolving and vital art form. Courses are designed for students of all levels, backgrounds, and interests and embrace both traditional and expanded methodologies. Students in the program are challenged to engage in critical thought and to develop context for their individual creative interests. Courses in painting, which are both foundational and conceptual, convey knowledge of the historical and current practices of painting.

Painting Program Objectives

  • Encourage use of appropriate media to convey specific artistic expressions that effectively communicate the artists’ intent
  • Students will develop creative problem-solving strategies as a means to create strong artwork
  • Demonstrate critical skills through specific class projects
  • Produce creative artworks that demonstrate innovations in concepts, forms and materials
  • Analyze and critique artwork, both orally and written, based on the form, conceptual considerations, and social and cultural influences
  • Research methods are developed and strengthened through the study of original works of art


Painting classrooms occupy the fourth floor of historic Woods Hall. Courses are taught in a large, well-lit studio containing easels, tabourets, wall spaces and flat working areas. The critique and workshop areas provide opportunities for group meetings and basic stretcher building. Graduate students are provided with individual studios.

These classrooms are collaborative environments where beginning and upper-level students share technical skills, ideas and feedback with each other. All students enrolled in painting courses have 24/7 access to the painting area.

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For information about applying, visit our Prospective Students page, or call us for more information: (205) 348-5967. Thinking of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) major in Painting? Here is a sample four-year plan for the BFA in Painting.

Painting Faculty


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