Experience Your Next Immersive Environment Inside a Pickup Truck

Jane Cassidy, " Music for cars at Night on Country Roads," installation at Cinema Reset, New Orleans Film Festival, 2015

Jane Cassidy’s installation for Cinema Reset at the New Orleans Film Festival, “Music For Cars at Night on Country Roads,” might be the first time you ever sat inside the cab of a pickup to experience an immersive audio visual work. A saturating 30 minute musical score plays through the stereo system while synchronized videos of night driving are projected onto the windshield, to surround you with, as Cassidy puts it, “the tempo of traffic passing by, the static of the night sky and the textures of the landscape.” The installation will be parked in front of the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, Oct. 16-17, from 7:30- 10:30 pm.

Additionally, the album “Music For Cars at Night on Country Roads,” will be released on October 16th.  Go to for more information on CD or Bandcamp for digital download and free streaming. Follow Cinema Reset on social media (, @cinemareset) for updates.

Jane Cassidy joined the faculty of the UA Department of Art and Art History as assistant professor in the fall of 2015 to teach digital media courses. Primarily trained in music composition and animation, Cassidy received a Masters of Philosophy in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin as well as an MFA in Digital Art from Tulane in 2014. Her interests lie in visual music, installations, live VJing, electro-acoustic composition and multi-channel work. Her full bio is here: