Students Share Inaugural Art History Prize

UA’s art historians hosted the Amy Williamson of UAB presenting "‘The Ladies’ Who Founded MoMA: How Three Female Art Collectors Created One of World’s Leading Museums"

Harless presented his thesis research in the form of a paper titled “The Donna Regina Passion Frescoes: A Portrayal of the Interior Altars of Invisible Women.” Williamson, from UAB, presented “‘The Ladies’ Who Founded MoMA: How Three Female Art Collectors Created One of the World’s Leading Museums.”

Each year, the joint art history faculty choose a keynote speaker for the culminating presentation of the symposium. This speaker also participates with UA and UAB faculty in discussions at the end of each student presentation. Dr. Barbara Mooney, associate professor of American art and architecture at the University of Iowa and a leading scholar in Shane Harless, of Tulane, presenting at the 20th Annual Graduate Student Symposium in Art History, Friday, March 6, 2015, UA.race and architecture, as well as a distinguished teacher, presented “From Jumping Jack to Jump Jim Crow: The Origins of a Pernicious Southern Stereotype?” on the origins and evolution of racist imagery. Mooney is the author of Prodigy Houses of Virginia: Architecture and the Native Elite (University of Virginia Press, 2008). She presented her ongoing research in an open manner that invited audience ideas on her work as well as giving students insight into her research process.

Keynote speaker Dr. Barbara Mooney, of the University of Iowa

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part of UAUAB's Joint Program for the MA in Art History. The Joint Program for the M.A. in Art History was begun in 1987 to combine resources from each school and from their communities to provide a stronger program than either could offer alone. The program offered the first, and still the only, graduate degree in art history in the state of Alabama. MANY THANKS to Dr. Stephens for the fabulous cake idea!

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