UA Art Historian Assists in Notre Dame Restoration

Jennifer Feltman at Reims Cathedral, Last Judgment Portal, north transept façade, ca. 1226-40 with later restorations.After the devastating fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris last year, assistant professor of art history Dr. Jennifer Feltman joined forces with a group of international art historians, scientists, and academics, “Scientifiques au service de la restauration de Notre-Dame de Paris,” to work on the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

“The group of diverse researchers will work with government officials to further research Notre Dame’s history and architecture, collaborating with each other along the way. The group includes those studying the cultural and historical aspects of the monument, as well as scientists and engineers passionate about the restoration. Some of these scientists will study the makeup of materials in construction, the physics behind some of the cathedral’s gravity-defying features, and how climate change affected the building over time.”

Read more about Dr. Feltman’s work with this international group in the current issue of the College of Arts & Sciences’ publication, The Collegian.