UA Art Historian Presents Research in Madrid, Spain

The Casa Árabe in Madrid, Spain
The Casa Árabe in Madrid, Spain.

In January, Dr. Tanja Jones, associate professor of art history, was invited to present a paper in Madrid at the conference Dialogues in the Late Medieval Mediterranean: Methodological Encounters and (Dis)Encounters. Jones presented “Early Cast Portrait Medals: Exchange, Mobility, Diplomacy,” in a panel, Borrowings and Dialogues between East and West.

“My paper, Jones said, “addressed issues considered in my monograph-in-progress dedicated to Pisanello’s portrait medals – specifically their function as objects of cross-cultural exchange between the Christian and Ottoman world in the mid-fifteenth century, a period charged with calls for crusade in Europe and marked by the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople.”

program cover for a conferenceThe international conference, held at the Casa Árabe, was organized as a scholarly workshop to exchange methodologies and analyse the panorama of the late medieval Mediterranean from different and complementary perspectives. Within this structure, scholars shared research results and established new research networks among senior and younger researchers to allow the development of multidisciplinary research lines about the late Middle Ages. Scholars took a comprehensive approach in analyzing the Islamic cultural legacy from the multidisciplinary fields of history of art, architecture, history, literature, archaeology, philosophy and history of religions.

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