UA Asian Art Historian Speaks at Birmingham Museum of Art

Dr. Doris Sung talks on the history of Chinese women artists at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Assistant Professor Dr. Doris Sung presented a talk, “Women Artists in Late Imperial China,” at the Birmingham Museum of Art for the museum’s Art in Conversation series, October 5. Dr. Sung focused on women artists and their art practices in late imperial China (from the late 14th to early 20th century). She detailed the social and cultural contexts that led to the negligence of women artists in this vast period, and by extension, the lack of their works in art and museum collections today. In addition, she highlighted the history of women artists over the centuries who defied their circumstances to create works of art. Art in Conversation is a bi-monthly series at the BMA where curators, museum professionals, and other special guests lead conversations on art and culture.