Dr. Robert Mellown is our resident expert on historic architecture on UA campus and in Tuscaloosa, RMellown by Jeff Hansen-UA Photographyas well as historic structures in Alabama and beyond. He is the author of The University of Alabama: A Guide to the Campus and Its Architecture, and contributed to The University of Alabama – A Pictorial History by Suzanne R. Wolfe (UA Press, out of print). He has in depth knowledge of the architectural history of The University of Alabama Rotunda (burned in 1865) and Bryce Hospital. Below is a growing web-based bibliography (“webliography”) of Dr. Mellown’s writings, research and interviews with him. Some of the publications are linked to full text versions; most of the Alabama Heritage articles are linked to the publisher. More about Dr. Mellown…

Articles about the author:

College of Arts and Sciences Collegian,“Robert Mellown Uncovers the Story in UA’s Architectural History” by Kelli Wright (p. 7), Fall 2012 (download PDF)

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Select publications:

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As source of information:

Discovering Alabama: State Capitals, October 2017 (special Bicentennial episode)

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