Art Alumnus Gives Back

WILLIAM HALL, BFA 1973, continues to build his legacy of “making art available to Alabama students and citizens,” according to William T. Dooley, director of the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art, through donations to the gallery’s Permanent Collection. Dooley described the print by Jim Dine given by Hall enthusiastically: “Its rich surfaces and the content

Jeremy and the Coach: Outside Art at the Stadium

Just a week and a half before a more seriously game-changing event in Tuscaloosa this spring, UA Athletics unveiled the long-awaited bronze statue of Crimson Tide Football head coach Nick Saban on “A-Day,” April 16. The figure, caught in a typical “Saban-stance,” joins his four sculptured colleagues beside the Walk of Champions outside the north

Alumni News – Spring 2011 – The Loupe

JUDY HAND, BFA 1973 (Painting), now Program & Marketing Manager in Professional Development in UA’s College of Continuing Studies, writes, “My current title reflects the diversity of my work: I’m an artist doing the work of a manager. Half of my job is creative marketing and the other half is managing people and events.”  After

Art Professors Awarded National Science Foundation Grant for Emergent Learning

Brian Evans, Lucy Curzon and Sarah Marshall have secured a $350,000 National Science Foundation grant to find new ways to create a “system” that will foster creativity among a large group of students participating in an online class. The idea of the project, titled “Autonomous Cohorts and Emergent Learning,” said Evans, “is to use a

Angelo Granata – A Career Retrospective

William T. Dooley, Associate Professor of Art, succeeded Angelo Granata as director of the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art after Granata retired. Dooley wrote this description of the retrospective exhibition of Granata’s work put on in 2011 as well as a remembrance of Professor Granata and his legacy for the spring 2011 issue of The

Art Alumni Remember Professor Jack Granata

“What did you do?” “Everything!” As a teacher and mentor, Jack Granata changed the lives of many undergraduate and graduate students in art. He left a lifelong impression on four gallery assistants who worked for him during their school years at UA. We contacted alumni Rita DeWitt, Melody Machen, Kat Mitchell O’Brien and Michael Panhorst