Thornton Willis

SMGA Showcases Works by Acclaimed Alumni Artist

The Sarah Moody Gallery of Art is pleased to present Exploring Thornton Willis, March 31 – May 11, 2022, featuring paintings by the artist from the gallery’s Permanent Collection. A reception will be held Friday, April 1, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the gallery. Curated by gallery director and associate professor of art William

Thornton Willis and Vered Lieb Present $985,000 Gift of Art

With his recent gift to the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art’s Permanent Collection, alumnus Thornton Willis’ art has found a home for his artistic legacy to live on through teaching and exhibiting. Willis, a noted second-generation abstract expressionist, and his wife, art historian Vered Lieb, gave 27 paintings and two sketchbooks to UA last fall,

SMGA Exhibit Gathers Art from Its Varied Collections

Com-bine – Selections from the Permanent Collection will be in the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art August 23 – September 28, 2018.  The public is invited to a reception Thursday, September 6, 5-7 p.m. Tuscaloosa – At least once a year, the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art features work from its Permanent Collection, a trove of

Past, Present and Future: the SMGA Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection, housed and cared for by the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art, was created in the 1950s as a unique and integral component of the then Department of Art. The majority of the collection is dedicated to works on paper including graphic prints and photography. Also included are paintings, drawings and small sculpture.

Abstract Expressionist Thornton Willis at the SMGA

THORNTON WILLIS: STRUCTURAL ABSTRACTION features abstract oil paintings that represent art work spanning a decade: lattice paintings, triangle paintings and his latest work. What his art works have in common is the “allover surface plane held in tension, between figure and ground, as an interwoven field,” writes Lance Esplund, arts contributor to the Wall Street Journal. ALUMNI YEARS — Thornton